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Daily face and body care with CBD

Our CBD based face and body care products

Night careÉjszakai CBD arckrémÉjszakai CBD arckrém
Night CBD face cream Sale price9.990 Ft
Cleanses and hydratesArc- és testradírArc- és testradír
Face and body scrub Sale price5.990 Ft
Against pigment spotsBőrjavító balzsamBőrjavító balzsam
CBD Star - Skin repair balm Sale price13.990 Ft
ANTI-AGINGEye & Lip roll-on szérumEye & Lip roll-on szérum
CBD Star - Eye & Lip serum Sale price14.990 Ft
For mature skinAnti-aging CBD arckrémAnti-aging CBD arckrém
Anti-Aging CBD cream Sale price18.990 Ft
Lifting effectHidratáló CBD arckrémHidratáló CBD arckrém
Moisturizing CBD cream Sale price16.990 Ft
HydrateCBD Testápoló
CBD Body Lotion Sale price11.990 Ft
sebum regulatorCBD Arctisztító
CBD Facial Cleanser Sale price11.990 Ft
CBD & SPORTCBD Edzés utáni krémCBD Edzés utáni krém
CBD After Sport Cream Sale price9.990 Ft
PAIN KILLERCBD Fájdalomcsillapító masszázsolajCBD Fájdalomcsillapító masszázsolaj
CBD Massage Oil Sale price16.990 Ft Regular price18.990 Ft
Relieve musclesFájdalomcsillapító StiftFájdalomcsillapító Stift
CBD Relief Stick Sale price13.990 Ft
FOR SENSITIVE SKINBalancing olajszérumBalancing olajszérum
Balancing oil serum Sale price14.990 Ft
For mature skinRánctalanító olajszérumRánctalanító olajszérum
Pure vitamin ECBD AjakbalzsamCBD Ajakbalzsam
Hempster CBD Lip Balm Sale price3.490 Ft Regular price4.990 Ft
Massage setArcmasszírozó roller és Gua Sha kőArcmasszírozó roller és Gua Sha kő
BEAUTY BALANCE SET Sale price22.890 Ft

CBD cosmetics

CBD is an effective aid for skin health

Cosmetic products containing CBD extract became a huge success almost overnight. They are well known among users prone to wounds, eczema, psoriasis or various forms of acne due to their unique ability to heal irritated skin.

CBD cosmetics restore the natural healthy appearance of the skin, thereby giving many people confidence. The composition of our products is characterized by the fact that they contain only natural ingredients, so they can be classified as natural cosmetics .

All cosmetics sold by us are vegan, do not contain THC, sulfates, phthalates, parabens, silicones, mineral oils, synthetic dyes and aromas. Neither the products nor their ingredients are tested on animals.