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CBD dosage calculator

cbd dosage calculator

How many drops should I take per day?

The right dosage can be adjusted based on many factors, and individual reactions to CBD may vary.

  • It is worth estimating, based on body weight , how much CBD oil dose we may need.
  • In addition, another important factor in determining the appropriate dosage is our general health.
  • The third important aspect is a CBD content of the product you want to buy .

That is why we created a simple, but all the more useful calculator, which, depending on which of our products you chose - or was recommended to you by our CBD product selection quiz - will help you determine your ideal daily dose drop by drop.


According to previous users of CBD oil, experimenting with very small doses is the most effective way to find the right dose for us. Always record the amount taken and increase or decrease the dose next time.

It is worth starting with a dose of 5-10 mg/day, 1-2 drops, then increase the dose after 5-7 days if necessary.

There is no standard dosage that can be used for everyone, it is recommended that everyone experiment with it individually. Based on symptoms, body weight and the amount of CBD in a given package, the calculator below recommends a dosage that is approximately the most ideal when you are already a regular user of the oil. Gradually reach the recommended dose, but always monitor your body's reactions, if you feel that it is/is not yet providing the desired effect, reduce or increase accordingly.