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FOR MILD SYMPTOMS5%-os CBD olaj - MCT (500mg/10ml)5%-os CBD olaj - MCT (500mg/10ml)
5% CBD oil - MCT (500mg/10ml) Sale price13.990 Ft
FOR MEDIUM SYMPTOMS10%-os CBD olaj - MCT (1000mg/10ml)10%-os CBD olaj - MCT (1000mg/10ml)
10% CBD oil - MCT (1000mg/10ml) Sale price19.990 Ft Regular price22.990 Ft
FOR SEVERE SYMPTOMS15%-os CBD olaj - MCT (1500mg/10ml)15%-os CBD olaj - MCT (1500mg/10ml)
15% CBD oil - MCT (1500mg/10ml) Sale price27.990 Ft Regular price34.990 Ft
Against anxiety20%-os CBD olaj - MCT (2000mg/10ml)20%-os CBD olaj - MCT (2000mg/10ml)
Painkiller30%-os CBD olaj - MCT (3000mg/10ml)30%-os CBD olaj - MCT (3000mg/10ml)
Against inflammation, pain, anxiety40%-os CBD olaj - MCT (4000mg/10ml)40%-os CBD olaj - MCT (4000mg/10ml)
Economically packaged10%-os CBD olaj - MCT (3000mg/30ml)10%-os CBD olaj - MCT (3000mg/30ml)
10% CBD oil - MCT (3000mg/30ml) Sale price49.990 Ft Regular price58.900 Ft
WITH HIGH ACTIVE INGREDIENTS20%-os CBD olaj - MCT (6000mg/30ml)20%-os CBD olaj - MCT (6000mg/30ml)
20% CBD oil - MCT (6000mg/30ml) Sale price79.990 Ft Regular price89.990 Ft

Which strength would be best for you?

MCT oil is the most commonly used carrier oil for CBD. The carrier oil is the vegetable oil used to make the CBD extract edible. With the help of this, we can set the different concentrations to 5%-10%-15%-20%-30% or even 40%, so we can provide oils from low to high doses.

In 10 ml packaging:

  • We recommend 5% oil for beginners, who have never used CBD oil before, and for those who want to use it for prevention.
  • 10% oil is recommended for advanced users and for those who want to increase the starting dose.
  • We recommend our 15% oil for worsening symptoms.
  • 20%-30%-40% oils are specifically recommended for pain, anxiety and stress, the strength should be chosen depending on the symptoms.

In 30 ml packaging:

  • Our 10% oil is enough for 1 person for 3 months or can also function as a family package.
  • Our 20% oil is recommended for very severe symptoms, this oil has the most, a total of 6000 mg of CBD.

MCT oil is a special oil made from a combination of coconut and palm oil, which has a neutral taste, is not stored as fat in our body, but is used as energy, so it is very healthy.

Our oils are also available in packs of 3, which can now be purchased with a 20% discount!

How to apply

3 steps to CBD oil

Shake well

Shake the contents of the bottle thoroughly before use.

Administer the drops as needed

Fill the dropper pipette. Add as many drops as you want to consume.

Place it under your tongue

Place a drop of the oil under the tongue and hold it there for 60 seconds before swallowing.

hogyan adagold a CBD-t
cbd kalkulator

dosage calculator


It is generally recommended to start with low doses and gradually increase until the desired effect is achieved.

For CBD oil, start with 5-10 mg (1-2 drops) per day, then increase the dose after a few days if necessary.

It is important to monitor the physical and emotional reactions when consuming CBD. Record the effects and any side effects.

The effects of CBD are not always felt immediately and it may take time for the body to adapt. Give your body time to react.

The ideal dose may vary from person to person and depends on your weight or health status.