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Díjnyertes CBD kozmetikumok

Award-winning CBD cosmetics

Díjnyertes CBD kozmetikumok

Award-winning CBD cosmetics

The CBD STAR brand can once again celebrate a significant success in the field of cosmetics and wellness. After winning the Best CBD Balm and Best CBD Product Sleep categories last year, they've ou...

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Mi az a melatonin és miért van szükségünk rá?

What is melatonin and why do we need it?

Sleep disorders, insomnia and stress are all problems that can significantly affect our everyday life. However, melatonin can be a solution to these difficulties and help you regain a restful night...

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valentin napra ajándék nőknek

How to celebrate Valentine's Day with CBD?

Valentine's Day is not only a celebration of sweet declarations of love and gifts, but also an ideal occasion to pamper ourselves in addition to being with our loved ones. If instead of the traditi...

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CBD-t használó hírességek

Celebrities who use CBD

The popularity of CBD among celebrities: Why they choose this natural solution? In recent years, more and more celebrities have become devoted supporters of CBD. CBD fever spreading among celebriti...

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Mi az a CPNP szám?

What is a CPNP number?

The HEMPSTER team is committed to being safe and controlled have products. All HEMPSTER products have CPNP registration, which registration is subject to microbiological and efficiency testing.

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Étkezés előtt vagy után érdemes a CBD-t fogyasztani?

Should you take CBD before or after a meal?

In a study*, British researchers showed in a placebo-controlled study of 12 people that CBD increased many times when consumed at the same time as a high-fat breakfast. Participants in the experime...

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Hempster Masszázsolaj

Hempster Massage Oil

Nowadays, there is a growing interest in the effects of CBD (cannabidiol) on health and well-being. CBD is one of more than 100 different compounds of the cannabis plant, which researches associat...

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Európai díjnyertes hordozó olajat használ a HEMPSTER

HEMPSTER uses a European award-winning carrier oil

HEMPSTER CBD oils are also special because we use health-promoting vegetable oils as carrier oils that are healing in themselves, but the combination of CBD and vegetable oils represents a new and ...

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Mit mutat az üvegen a CBD % és milligramm?

What does the CBD % and milligrams show on the bottle?

CBD (cannabidiol) percentage (%) and milligrams (mg) are two different units of measurement that you will usually find on CBD products. These help determine the concentration of CBD in a particular...

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MCT olaj – a CBD leggyakrabban használt hordozó olaja

MCT oil – the most commonly used carrier oil for CBD

A special medium, the carrier oil, is used to dilute the high concentration of CBD. Among the CBD oils marketed in Hungary, MCT oil (medium-chain triglycerides) is most often used as a carrier for ...

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Endokannabinoid rendszer és a CBD kapcsolata

The relationship between the endocannabinoid system and CBD

In our previous blog post, you could read about what the Endocannabionide system is and we also showed how this wonderful biological function works in our body. But how can CBD affect our endocanna...

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LINSEED OIL - the NATURAL "multivitamin"

HEMPSTER CBD oils are also special because, in addition to MCT oils, we use other health-beneficial vegetable oils as carrier oils, which are healing in themselves, but the dual combination of CBD ...

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Mi a cbd?

What is CBD?

What is CBD? CBD is one of the most well-known compounds of hemp, which does not cause euphoria, does not intoxicate and is legal. CBD has many potential benefits in health care, the world at larg...

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Az endokannabinoid rendszer számos fontos folyamatot szabályoz, például az idegrendszer működését, az immunrendszer válaszait, a fájdalomérzetet, az étvágyat és az anyagcsere szabályozását.

The endocannabinoid system: guardian of the body's own balance

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is an extremely important and complex biological system found in the body that performs many important functions. This system plays a key role in communication be...

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Among vegetable oils, pumpkin seed oil has long been known for its healing effects and health benefits. The precious oil is produced using a cold-pressed method, thus preserving its nutritional co...

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