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Edible CBD snacks

Our CBD Delicate products

100% ArabicaCBD CoffeeCBD Coffee
CBD Coffee Sale price13.990 Ft
It tastes like chocolateEuphoria CBD BiscuitsEuphoria CBD Biscuits
Euphoria CBD Biscuits Sale price1.590 Ft
CrunchyCBD Cookie
CBD Cookie Sale price2.590 Ft
Crumbly, softCBD Brownie
CBD Brownie Sale price2.390 Ft
Deep sleepCBD Tea
CBD Tea Sale price2.990 Ft
4 flavorsCBD GummiesCBD Gummies
CBD Gummies Sale price4.990 Ft
CBD Gummies with melatonin Sale price6.990 Ft
travel bagCBD Gummies -  Mini grab bag
CBD Gummies - Mini grab bag Sale price2.690 Ft
Mixed Fruit flavorCBNight Candies with melatonin (30pcs)CBNight Candies with melatonin (30pcs)
5 flavoursCBD LollipopCBD Lollipop
CBD Lollipop Sale price1.690 Ft