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Article: What is a CPNP number?

What is a CPNP number?

Cosmetics are popular worldwide and the market is constantly growing. However, for health and safety reasons, it is important that cosmetics are strictly regulated and monitored. In the European Union, the CPNP (Cosmetic Products Notification Portal) plays an important role in the registration and control of cosmetics. In this blog post, we'll explore what CPNP is and why it's important to cosmetics.

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What is CPNP?

The CPNP, or Cosmetic Products Notification Portal, is an online database created by the European Union in which cosmetics are registered and documented. This system helps to control the safety and quality of cosmetics available on European markets.

The European Union Cosmetics Regulation (1223/2009/EC) requires that all cosmetics sold in the EU must be declared and registered in the CPNP. This system allows competent authorities and consumers to easily access information on cosmetics and verify their safety.

Why is CPNP Important?

  1. Safety: Through the CPNP, authorities and consumers can access information related to the composition of cosmetics, their application method and skin-friendliness. This helps ensure that the cosmetics do not cause adverse reactions or injuries to users.
  2. Tracking: CPNP allows authorities to track cosmetics on the market and check that they comply with regulations and safety standards.
  3. Consumer information: The information contained in the CPNP helps consumers make smart decisions when choosing cosmetics and learn about the potential risks of using them.

How Does CPNP Work?

Notification in the CPNP is a mandatory step when placing cosmetics on the European market. Cosmetic manufacturers or importers must declare their product in the CPNP and provide a number of mandatory information, such as:

  • Name and type of cosmetic.
  • Accurate description of ingredients.
  • Product function and method of application.
  • Details of the place of manufacture and the responsible person.
  • Safety data and results of skin-friendly tests.

All our HEMPSTER products comply with EU regulations, have CPNP registration and information documentation, so their use is completely safe.


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