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Article: Should you take CBD before or after a meal?

Should you take CBD before or after a meal?

In a study*, British researchers showed in a placebo-controlled study of 12 people that CBD increased many times when consumed at the same time as a high-fat breakfast.

Participants in the experiment had not eaten for at least 10 hours before consuming the CBD and breakfast, and were given 1,500 milligrams of CBD during the experiment. Participants took the CBD 30 minutes after starting breakfast.


In those who took CBD without breakfast to 330 nanograms/milliliter, while those who took it after breakfast, the concentration of CBD in the blood plasma increased to 1630 nanograms/milliliter.


That the systemic bioavailability of CBD increased fourfold after breakfast. By systemic bioavailability, we mean the amount of CBD content that exerts its effect when it enters the bloodstream.

This study was part of a series of studies in which the pharmacokinetic effects and correlations of high-dose CBD intake (up to 6000mg) were investigated. According to the study, the high concentration was also well tolerated. Although headache was a common side effect, nausea and drowsiness occurred only to a small extent in the participants of the experiment. No strong or serious side effects occurred, and no one had to stop the study due to side effects.


The CBD concentration in the blood reached its maximum 4-5 hours after intake, and a stable CBD concentration was measured even two days later. It can be said that twice daily CBD dosing is enough to achieve a constant level of CBD in the blood.

One explanation is that fat increases the excretion of bile acids, and lipophilic substances, which include cannabinoids, dissolve well in bile acids . That is, bile acid increases the absorption of cannabinoids.

According to another possible explanation, the breakdown of cannabinoids in the liver is delayed, because if taken together with fats, most of the CBDs are absorbed through the intestinal lymphatic system.

Just as certain medicines or vitamins are only recommended after a meal, in order to maximize the absorption of CBD, you should consume CBD products 30 minutes after a meal.

*The original article can be read in German here: CBD-Konzentration im Blut erhöhet sich mit Fett



Simply put, if we maximize the absorption of CBD, we maximize its benefits. So, if you want to get the most out of each dose, here are 4 simple ways to increase your CBD absorption.

1. Eat with fatty foods

The smaller the molecule, the better it is absorbed by the body. This simple principle is behind the method of consuming CBD with high-fat snacks or foods (e.g. chocolate, fatty fish, avocado, eggs, cheese ). The molecular structure of CBD is highly soluble in fats, and fatty oils successfully dissolve CBD molecules. Another reason why MCT oil is so popular is that it is a “smaller” fat than most other fats that we would digest and is more easily absorbed.

2. Adding herbs

Like food, certain herbs can increase the bioavailability of CBD.

3. Consume CBD sublingually

Last but not least, when learning how to increase the absorption of CBD, it is important to know that sublingual bioavailability of CBD oil is most effective. Even though the tips we've shared will help you increase CBD absorption, regardless of how you consume it, the sublingual bioavailability of CBD will always prevail.

The bioavailability of CBD when ingested is between 13% and 19% . This indicates that when we ingest 20 mg of CBD, our body absorbs about 3 mg or less of it into the bloodstream.

Perhaps one of the most traditional ways to take CBD is through sublingual oils. CBD oil should be held under your tongue for about 60-90 seconds until it is absorbed by the lining of your mouth.

The sublingual (sublingual) administration of CBD is the most direct into the bloodstream, increasing its general bioavailability and, at the same time, the absorption of CBD. However, many people shy away from sublingual consumption due to the raw, pure and all-natural taste of some CBD oils and extracts.


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